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Broken Free is an ongoing photo-based project that promotes awareness of victimization while empowering survivors to break the silence. As a survivor of abuse, Paola realized that one important thing that was taken away from her during the time was her voice. In the series, she engages with fellow survivors and they share their personal experiences with victimization as she photographs them, their intimate space, and anything pertaining to the events. Survivors then have the choice to voice themselves by writing on the images once they are printed. The combination of handwriting and image juxtaposes a survivor’s past with their present. While an image can often speak for itself, the text becomes like a diary entry, allowing for intimacy, authenticity, and vulnerability, providing insight into where each person stands in their healing journey. It also invites the viewer to witness this collaboration, to disseminate a conversation on how to address this social injustice, and to help motivate more survivors to speak out and break free.  

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Broken Free is currently seeking survivors of any form of victimization, who would like to be photographed and share their story for Broken Free—Volume Two

If you are interested in participating and reside in South Florida, please send an email to brokenfreeproject@gmail.com.

Whether it’s through participation, promotion, support, testimony—however form you contribute will be greatly appreciated as it helps us to help more survivors speak out and BREAK FREE.

Thank you.

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